We are located in Ramallah, Palestine which is a City about 12 KM north of Jerusalem.  Its altitude is between 830 and 900 meters above sea level, and because its weather is similar to that of the Mediterranean sea basin, it has temperature climates that are pleasant all year.

So much has been said about the beauty of the City of Ramallah, but there is still much more to be told.  It's stone built homes stand proudly amidst luch olive and fig trees.  Grapevines weave their way through fences and spacious yards.  The sun sets amidst imposing moutains, throuwing colors of orange, lavender and blue.

There is something very special about the "Pride of Palestine".  Its charm lies in its inhabitants, its atmosphere, culture and heritage.  Today's Ramallah is not only the home of its inhabitants, it is also the source of their Pride.  It is an open city in which people of different religions live side by side in a rare harmony of cooperation.  In Ramallah, tolerance is more than a mere slogan, it is a way of life.

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